Anna Keeling

Anna Keeling is an IFMGA-certified  mountain and ski guide who grew up skiing in the Craigieburn Range. After years of traveling, guiding and adventure racing around New Zealand and the world, she and her family returned home in 2009.  Now based at Castle Hill Village in winter and in Salt Lake City, Utah (also in winter), the ‘Simper-Keelings’ make the most of their winters and brief spring/summers to ski and climb in their beloved environs.

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With ski descents and climbing ascents from Northern India’s Kedarnath done to Denali’s West rib as well as wins in International Adventure races and New Zealand’s Coast to Coast, Anna has spent her life zipping around outdoors.  In addition to her business in New Zealand, Anna works as a Mountain Guide trainer and examiner for both the New Zealand Mountain Guide Association (NZMGA) and the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) and freelances with guiding companies such as Adventure Consultants, Alpine Guides ltd and Utah Mountain Adventures.  She has taught avalanche courses for the New Zealand Mountain Safety council, Utah Avalanche Centre, the American Avalanche Institute and Utah Mountain Adventures.  An outdoor writer, Anna was the Ski Columnist for the Christchurch Press from 2011-2014.  She now blogs for CHILL and freelances for other outdoor publications.


Roger Hodson

Originally from Dunedin, Roger is passionate about the outdoors as a recreational playground for kayaking, hunting, sailing, climbing, spear fishing, and, of course, SKIING. His split working life sees him working as a fresh water scientist in the rivers and streams of Southern New Zealand for much of the year, or at least when the water is falling in liquid form. Roger began skiing as a toddler in central Otago, and hasn't stopped spending seasons in the USA, Canada, and Japan. Including working as a glaciologist in the coast mountains of British Columbia, ski patrol, and avalanche instruction.  In 2008 he graduated from Otago University after completing an honors degree in glaciology, and in 2017 became a full NZMGA ski guide.  In his spare time Roger can often be found in the kitchen testing new recipes on friends, brewing full grain beer, making things with wood or out with his dogs and two daughters.

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Alistair (Al) Moore

NZMGA Ski guide Al Moore is a West Canterbury local who has lived in Oxford for the past 2 decades. He recreates and works in the Craigieburn basin. Passionate about being in the outdoors, Al enjoys many forms of outdoor activities including tramping, mountain biking, rock climbing, windsurfing, river rafting, kayaking, and skiing. Al also holds several NZOIA instructor awards. He has spent a considerable amount of time as a tertiary level outdoor educator, ski patroller, heliski guide and river guide. Al was actually Anna Keeling's first avalanche instructor in 1992 – so you can understand how lucky we are to have this experienced practitioner on our guide team! Currently he splits his time between working as a builder (mostly at Castle Hill village) and ski guiding in Japan. He's married with two post teenage daughters and now considers himself an empty–nester. Any spare time is often spent at the family Bach at Lake Clearwater indulging in some of the aforementioned outdoor activities.

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Karen Corcoran

Kaz is an avalanche education specialist. Having worked as a tertiary educator, avalanche course instructor, and as an online tutor for the MSC Avalanche Risk Management Program, she now works as an instructor for the NZ Army. Karen’s life is fairly full these days keeping her family of 4 in line. She has done time as a ski guide, ski field manager, snow-safety officer, ski patroller, glacier guide, hiking guide, rock climbing instructor, alpine instructor, and coordinator of outdoor education programs. Karen’s qualifications include: NZMGA Assistant Ski Guide, full Alpine Trekking Guide, and full Hard Ice Guide. MSC Avalanche Risk Management Stage Two (Stage One Assessor endorsement). NZOIA Bush 2, Alpine 2, and Rock 1 (sport climbing endorsement). Having spent the last 15 years as a full time outdoors professional she has had two kids. AKG is excited to have this talented instructor and guide back on the team.

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John Horan

After seasons in the Craigieburn Range, Canada, and Japan; John traded the indignities of ski bum life for a lucrative and glamorous career as an NZMGA assistant ski guide. In between paid endorsements for skin care products and A-list parties, he guides in New Zealand and Japan each year. He loves ski touring, avalanche courses and introducing people to the backcountry, but will grudgingly tolerate being flown around in a helicopter. Originally from Australia, he returns each spring and autumn to enjoy its excellent rock climbing, surfing, and fine selection of yoghurt. In his spare time, John works as an environmental consultant and is regular contributor to the Whitney Houston fan wiki website.

2018 John Horan

Jane Morris

IFMGA Jane Morris began shuffling around the NZ mountains when her parents thought tramping was a great idea for a family holiday.  During her time at Otago University, mountain huts provided a good substitute for lecture theatres as she began exploring the Southern Alps in search of an alternative education. After spending 5 years as a nomad travelling and working in various mountainous corners of the globe she returned to NZ and worked in various outdoor related industries before transitioning to  full time mountain and ski guiding in 2010. Jane enjoys the simplicity that comes from being in the mountains and the reflection that comes from engaging with Mother Nature – the natural world is a brilliant teacher. Jane is currently the president of the New Zealand Mountain Guide Association and brings a wealth of experience and poetic expression to any operation she works for.  We are lucky to have her.

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Scott Walker

Scott started his outdoor industry experience with Nelson Polytech back in 1994, moving swiftly onto the ski industry where he’s found his niche for the last 25+ years: 6 seasons on patrol, 20+ years seasons as a heli-ski guide, and as a full NZMGA Ski Guide since 2014. The last two as the NZMSC Avalanche Forecaster for the Craigieburn range. Scott lives locally, just over the hill, in Springfield and spends his time recreating, both Summer and Winter, in the Craigieburn ranges, often seen with his young family in tow, learning the ropes of what the area has to offer. Scott guides locally, nationally and internationally and is passionate about his mountain office.